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Proposed Town Code

This project has been put on hold and has been tabled until further notice.  Below is a brief description of what has happened to date.  Please contact Town Hall with any inquiries.


The Town of Silverton is currently revising and updating the town code book.   This process has many phases prior to adoption and we are working with Colorado Code Publishing to complete this task.  The phases for completion are as follows:


  1. Full update, cleanup and digitalazation  completed
  2. Staff review and comments  completed
  3. Colorado Code Publishing review and first production  completed
  4. Public workshops with comments completed thru chapter 10
  5. Town Board of Trustees workshops with comments complete thru chapter 1
  6. Staff final print with Trustees final approval
  7. Colorado Code Publishing final print
  8. Adoption by the Board of Trustees


The next public workshop and the next Town Board workshop will be posted on our homepage ticker.  Below are most of the individual chapters with staff and public comments.



More chapters to come.