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Business Licensing




All for-profit businesses entities operating within the Town of Silverton are required by ordinance to obtain a local (Silverton) business license. The local application deadlines are January 31st for year-round businesses, and May 31st for seasonal business. Applicants will be charged a $25 late penalty after these respective deadlines. 


Fees are as follows:

New application                                               $150

Renewal application                                         $125

Late Fee                                                    add $25


New Businesses – State Registration

For general information about starting a business in Colorado, please visit the State of Colorado's Business Express page. New businesses engaged in taxable sales must establish a sales tax ID with the State of Colorado via FORM CR 0100.


Silverton Application for New Business License and License Renewal

Business license applications may be obtained at Town Hall, requested via email, or accessed and submitted online


Inspections / Review

Inspections or other review procedures may be required prior to the issuance of your license. If you have questions about this process, kindly contact the appropriate person listed below:







Zoning and Land Use

Bob Nevins

Town/County Planner

970-387-5522 x16



Building Codes, Building Permits

Keith Thompson

Town/County Building & Code Official

970-387-5522 x15


Fire Code, Inspections

David Zanoni

Fire Inspector



Business Licensing, Liquor Licensing, Utilities

Brian Carlson

Town Administrator/Finance

970-387-5522 x14


Food Service Regulations and Licensing

San Juan Basin Area Health Dept.



San Juan Basin Health Website



Sales Taxes

Sales Tax rates are as follows: State 2.9%, County 4%, Town 1%     TOTAL = 7.9%

Additional sales tax information can be found by following this Department of Revenue link. Please also feel free to contact the Town Clerk/Treasurer, Brian Carlson, with your sales tax-related questions. All businesses engaged in taxable sales must obtain a sales tax ID via FORM CR 0100. 


Lodging Taxes and Fees

Lodging businesses (hotels, campgrounds, weekly rentals) are required to collect and remit both County Lodging Taxes and Town Lodging Fees


The lodging tax is levied by San Juan County, and is 2% of gross receipts. Remittance is made quarterly to the State of Colorado via form DR-1485


The lodging fee is levied by the Town of Silverton, and is $2 per room per night, or $1 per campsite per night. Remittance is made monthly to the Town of Silverton via the Lodging Fee Remittance form.