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Utilities Information



The Town of Silverton's Drinking Water Continues to Meet State Standards


Town Mayor Tookey and other officials have been working with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Water Quality Control Division to locate an interim certified water plant operator. In the meantime, experienced water plant personnel are continuing to operate the drinking water plant. The water plant has automated equipment that provides frequent water quality measurements and is checked several times per day. This equipment has been continuously operating and is not affected by changes in personnel. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment does not have concerns about the continued proper operation of the Town of Silverton's drinking water treatment plant at this time. Drinking water in Silverton continues to meet the required standards.





The Town of Silverton provides water and sewer service to all property owners, as well as a solid-waste transfer station for property owners, tenants, and visitors. Water and sewer services are maintained by the Town’s Public Works Department, and the solid-waste transfer station is operated by Bruin Waste Management of Naturita. 



Fees for water, sewer, and transfer station services are combined into a single bill, which is mailed to property owners every two months. Payments are due within two months of the billing date. For example: service for January and February is billed and mailed at the end of February, and payment for that period is due at the end of April. The Town will ONLY bill the property owner, and will not send utility bills to tenants.



Bi-monthly water and sewer fees are based on metered usage for the preceding two months.  Regular and normal fees are as follows:


bi-monthly fees




up to 15,488 gallon



over 15,488 gallons, per gallon fee*




                      *If you feel you must leave your water dripping to avoid frozen pipes please call (970) 387-5522 ext. 10 to be placed on the water running list and not occur an overage use cost.


Transfer Station fees are set at a single-family residence rate, with commercial accounts being charged at a multiple of that rate, depending on square footage, seating capacity, and other factors. Commercial billing begins at 1.5 times the single-family residence rate. Silverton property owners and their tenants are permitted to deposit ordinary household waste and recyclable items in any amount. 


Silverton property owners or their hired contractors are permitted to deposit construction debris at the transfer station. Deposits will be recorded by the transfer station attendant, and will be forwarded to the Town of Silverton staff for inclusion in the property owner’s next bi-monthly bill.


Silverton property owners are permitted to deposit used tires at the transfer station.   Deposits will be recorded by the transfer station attendant, and will be forwarded to the Town of Silverton staff for inclusion in the property owner’s next bi-monthly bill. Silverton residents who are not property owners may also deposit tires at the transfer station, but they are required to purchase a voucher from Town Hall PRIOR to depositing their tires.

PAYMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED AT THE TRANSFER STATION. Hours of operation are: WINTER 8am-4pm; SUMMER 10am-6pm.   Fees are as follows:


bi-monthly fees

single-family residence


construction debris (per square-foot fee)


tires (per-tire fee)



Payment / Delinquent Balances

Utilities payments may be made via check, payable to Town of Silverton. Customers may also request automatic credit card payment by submitting a Credit Card Authorization Form to the Town Clerk.


Customers will be charged a 1.5% late penalty on delinquent balances with each bi-monthly bill. Every year in September, the Town Clerk will “certify” balances which are more than four months delinquent to the San Juan County Treasurer. These delinquent amounts will then be paid by San Juan County to the Town of Silverton, and the amount paid will represent a lien on the property in question.


 Water and Sewage Tap and Investment Fees

The Town of Silverton requires tap and plant investment fees to be paid prior to new construction when necessary.  The fees below reflect the cost for normal installation of 3/4" water pipes and 4" sewage lines and additional charges may apply.

  Tap Fee Investment Fee
Water $3152.00 $4651.00
Sewar $3152.00 $2774.00