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Art Scavenger Hunt


Steve Swickard - $20 voucher toward an Estes Park utility bill

Peggy Moody - $20 voucher toward an Estes Park utility bill

Jane Boyer -  $20 voucher toward an Estes Park utility bill

Alyssa Bergman - Town of Estes Park gift bag

Jennifer Ryan - Town of Estes Park gift bag 



State of Colorado Image 
1.)   B
State of Colorado Image 
2.)   E
State of Colorado Image 
3.)   G
a.) Tregent Park
b.) Municipal Building/Public Library Parking Lot
c.) Peacock Park
d.) U.S. 34 and 36 island
e.) Bond Park
f.) Riverside Plaza, known locally as Confluence Park
g.) The Riverwalk, near U.S. 36 and 34 intersection
h.) Children’s Park
i.) Town Hall flowerbed
State of Colorado Image
4.)   A
State of Colorado Image 
5.)   I
State of Colorado Image 
6.)   C 
Match the Public Art to its location in Estes Park for a chance to win!
(for a larger version of each photo, click on the thumbnail)
Fascinating works of art can be found in many unexpected places throughout Estes Park. . . Just another reason the community is a great place to live and visit. Match the above images of Estes Park’s public art to the location options to the right. For a chance to win a prize, email the six answers to jimber@estes.org by July 30, 2013, or drop them off at the Public Works office, Room 100 of Town Hall, 170 MacGregor Ave. Include your name, address and a phone number or email address with your answers. Anyone who submits six correct answers will be entered into a drawing for prizes, including a voucher toward an Estes Park utility bill or a Town of Estes Park gift bag. The correct answers and prize winners will be posted here after July 30. Happy hunting!