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Liquor Licensing

A liquor license is required for any sale of liquor within the Town limits (3.2% beer, malt, spirituous or vinous liquor.)  Each initial application and renewal application to the Town for a liquor license shall be accompanied by a fee in the amount provided for in the Liquor License Procedure Manual maintained and on file with the Town Clerk.  Said fees shall not exceed the maximum allowable under applicable State law.


The State of Colorado follows a dual-licensing process for the issuance of a liquor license, requiring approval from both the local licensing authority and the State Liquor Enforcement Division.  The Town Clerk acts as liaison with the State. 


Applicants should review information posted by the Colorado Department of Revenue to determine the appropriate class of license. 


View the application requirements and fees or contact the Town Clerk's office at 970-577-4777.