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Annual Water Main Flush

Estes Park Water Division crews will begin the annual water main flushing program on Tuesday, April 15th, and will continue flushing in various parts of the Town through Friday, April 25th.


The flushing is intended to improve water quality and clarity by creating a higher than normal flow through the distribution system. This helps to rid the pipes of the iron oxide buildup resulting from corrosion of the older steel lines.  The process may result in discoloration of the customer’s water for a short period of time.


The rusty looking water can leave iron stains in clothing and is not aesthetically pleasing, but it is safe to use.  The best solution for water customers is to avoid using water, particularly hot water, when the crews are in your area.  If rusty water is drawn into your home or business, the customer should run cold water for 15 to 20 minutes, or until the water clears.  If the water does not clear in that time, the user should turn the water off for about 30 minutes and then try running the cold water again.


Press Release with Water Flush Schedule 2014   


Questions about the flushing program may be directed to 577-3622, 577-3608 or 577-3588.