SPPPOS Conference 2013


Accommodations and Travel Information:

Delegates are responsible for making their own travel and lodging arrangements. Delegates must contact the Keystone Resort (www.keystoneresort.com) at (800) 258-0437 and ask for the SPPPOS 2013 Conference room rate of $92 per night. Reservations must be made no later that August 3, 2013 to receive the Conference Rate.


To attend the 45th Annual Conference of IACP/SPPPOS, please complete the registration form and return it to the Colorado State Patrol no later than August 3, 2013. The registration fee for delegates is $295.

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*If you have any question or require special accommodations, please contact Brenda Alderman at 303-239-4540 or Brenda.Alderman@state.co.us.