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Photographic and Video Evidence


The Colorado State Patrol operates a photographic laboratory for the purpose of processing photographic evidence recorded at crash scenes and other incidents investigated by the State Patrol. Photographs are supplied to District Attorneys to facilitate case prosecutions. Parties having an interest in a crash or incident may purchase photographs from the Media Center. This would include attorneys, insurance companies and accident reconstruction firms. Photographs may also be provided for educational purposes.


Photographs are sold in complete sets, $5.00 each photo plus $5.00 shipping cost; if there are over 100 photos in the accident file, there is a maximum (flat rate) cost of $500.00, which includes the shipping cost. Cases are not always immediately available for purchase, and occasionally additional photographs may become available as investigations progress. Therefore, use these documents and forms as a guide, and remember that the final, official photographic count is the number of photographs that are printed at the time of complete payment.


The Media Center can duplicate videotapes and audiotapes produced in the course of traffic crash and criminal investigations. Duplicate tapes may be obtained by parties having an interest in their content. There may be costs involved depending on the interested party's role in the investigation and prosecution.


To Order Photographs:


To order photographs you will need to know the case number, date of the crash or incident and the name(s) of the driver(s) involved. Photographs are provided in complete sets only. To determine the cost and availability of the photographs for your case, call the Media Center at 303.273.1955. Once you have spoken to a Media Center representative and determined the cost and availability of the photos you are requesting, submit the following form with signature by mail with a check or money order for the cost of the photos.


Download form, click here.


Forms and payment should be mailed to:

Colorado State Patrol
Media Center
15055 S. Golden Road
Golden, CO 80401

Attn: Photo Request

Phone: 303.273.1955

Colorado Revised Statutes

24-72-305.5 Access to records - denial by custodian - use of records to obtain information for solicitations.

Records of official actions and criminal justice records and the names, addresses, telephone numbers, and other information in such records shall not be used by any person for the purpose of soliciting business for pecuniary gain. The official custodian shall deny any person access to records of official actions and criminal justice records unless such person signs a statement which affirms that such records shall not be used for the direct solicitation of business for pecuniary gain.