Special Recognition


Trooper Bonnie Collins

Trooper Bonnie Collins
District 4, Accident Reconstruction Team





Trooper Collins, as a member of the Colorado State Patrol Women’s Resource Network partnered with Food Bank of the Rockies earlier this summer to start a food drive. The 9-week food drive culminated on September 10, 2012, when the food and donations were delivered to the Food Back of the Rockies in Grand Junction. All contributions helped to provide necessities to families within Colorado communities.


The Women's Resource Network collected more than 900 pounds of donations from across the state during this campaign. Trooper Collins also held a press conference at the Food Bank of the Rockies to discuss with local media, the significance of community involvement and support by law enforcement across Colorado.

WRN and Food Bank of the Rockies WRN and Food Bank of the Rockies PIO






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