Weapons and Aircrafts



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To request aircraft or weapons please use the following format and submit an original copy to your State Coordinator.

1. Click to view aircraft instructions, or to view LESO Aircraft Forms and Procedures.

2. Click to view weapons instructions, or to Download weapons request form.

All letters and agreements must be signed by the current executive official. (Sheriff, Police Chief, Chief Marshall, Director, etc.)

The original request must be submitted to the State Coordinator. Be sure to KEEP a copy for your records.

Requests for aircraft, and weapons must be submitted separately from all other requests.





  • All Weapons obtained through the 1033 Program must be accounted for. This means:

1. Do not sell or trade any weapon(s) obtained through the program.

2. Do not transfer any weapon(s) obtained through the program without prior LESO and State Coordinator approval.


  • For your own protection against loss or theft:

1. Do not loan weapons obtained through the program to another agency. 


A 100% Weapons Inventory will be conducted soon, all weapons obtained through the program and their serial numbers must be physically inspected by the Agency Head or Weapons POC. If your weapons are on loan to another agency, you will be required to have that agency return them so that they may be inspected. These weapons are your responsibility therefore you must be aware of where they are at all times and be able to access them at any time.


  • If a weapon or weapons are lost, missing or stolen:

1. You must report it to the 1033 State Coordinator’s office immediately as the State Coordinator must report it to DLA/LESO within 24 hours of discovery.


(LESO will conduct an investigation but you should also conduct your own investigation, reporting any new information to the State Coordinator.)

  • If you determine a weapon is unusable and cannot be fixed:

1. It must be returned to LESO for demilitarization, never attempt to DEMIL it yourself.


You may modify your weapons but must retain all parts so that the weapon may be put back to its original state, if required.