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Colorado DoD Excess Property & Federal Procurement Important Notices

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Training Opportunity
The Colorado State Patrol 1033 and 1122 Program Coordinator is pleased to announce trainings to be held at the State Patrol Academy for both programs. These classes will enable Law Enforcement Agencies to access and use these programs which may help agencies stretch their budget dollars.

Please check back for training dates to be announced. If you have questions regarding this training or are interested in hosting a training in your area, please contact this office at 303 239-5776. Hope to see you there!

Registration Form
If you are interested in purchasing vehicles or if you have any questions, call the 1122 Staff at 303-239-5776.
5/12/11 LESO has notified the Colorado 1033 Office that Weapons will no longer be available through the 1033 Program in the near future.  No official end date has been set so agencies that are looking to obtain weapons, should seek to do so in the near future.  Watch for future updates.  
5/12/11 The Law Enforcement Support Office has received evidence that there may be firearms dealers offering to trade "Old Government Form 10" weapons (M14s, M16s, etc.) for newer weapons or money. This action is not authorized and is STRICTLY prohibited as supported by the 1033 Memorandum of Agreement. No weapon received from the 1208 or 1033 program may be sold or traded under any circumstance. If you have any questions, please contact this office at 303-239-5776. More Information
5/1/14 Changes to 1122 Procedures EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2005
As of July 1, 2005, procedural changes will occur that will affect the WAY your agency uses the 1122 Federal Procurement Program. NOTE: The 1122 Program will CONTINUE to be available to assist your agency in stretching it's budget as it relates to your counter-drug mission.
More Info on 1122 Changed Procedures