Professional Standards


Colorado State Patrol Internal Affairs Unit
Captain Dan Elder
700 Kipling Street
Denver, CO 80215



The Colorado State Patrol Internal Affairs Unit was created to ensure that all allegations of misconduct are independently investigated to maintain public trust, to preserve organizational integrity, and ensure that all citizens and members of the Colorado State Patrol are treated with fairness and respect. The Internal Affairs Unit reports directly to the Chief of the Colorado State Patrol. The Internal Affairs Unit has the responsibility of conducting investigations as assigned by the Chief. Captain Dan Elder commands the Internal Affairs Unit, which is responsible for:


  • Investigating and reporting internal and external complaint allegations of serious employee misconduct. In addition, Internal Affairs personnel investigate officer- involved shootings, excessive force allegations, bias-based policing allegations, and any other employee related matter as assigned by the Chief.
  • Retention of complaint records, use of force incidents, officer involved shooting case files, pursuit reports, and other critical incident files.
  • Conducting staff inspections to ensure that professional standards are maintained and consistent.


Compliments and questions are directed to our Public Affairs department, where the PIO on duty can take your call or email. If you do have a complaint, you can submit it to the Major in command of the district where your incident occurred. If you do not know the location of the incident, you can contact Captain Elder at the Internal Affairs Unit. Please click here to locate the contact information for the Districts.

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