Core Values

Colorado State Patrol Core Values Awards


The Core Values Award Program has been created to recognize members of the Patrol who have made a significant contribution to the citizens of Colorado and the Patrol. An annual awards ceremony will be held by the Chief of the Colorado State Patrol and Public Affairs to recognize those members both uniform and civilian for their distinguished service.


Nominees should be those who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to the strategic goals of the Colorado State Patrol. This might be their participation in a successful apprehension and conviction above a routine effort. It might also be the individual engaged in a significant community or troop enhancement effort. Each individual must exhibit honor, respect, and dedication to duty in their daily actions.


All uniformed and civilian members of the Colorado State Patrol, whether they are serving full or part-time, are eligible to be nominated for a Colorado State Patrol Core Values Award. Temporary employees are not eligible.


The award winners are selected by a committee of five members. The committee is comprised of members of Public Affairs, civilian members, and retired uniformed members. The committee will review each nomination and assign each nominee a point value based on the following criteria:

1. Public Information and Education (20 Points)
2. Effectiveness Related to Strategic Goals (20 Points)
3. Leadership (20 Points)
4. Initiative (20 Points)
5. Supervisor Rating (20 Points - Point value assigned by nominee's supervisor)


Nominations: Civilian and uniformed members of the Colorado State Patrol can be nominated by a citizen, a fellow or supervising member of the Colorado State Patrol, another State agency, a city, a town official or a government agency. The nominations can be submitted directly to Sergeant Hahn at Public Affairs.

To access the nomination form, please click here.