Apply to be a Communications Officer

Duties and Responsibilities

Communication Officers are non-sworn telecommunication specialists who provide a "life-line" to law enforcement officers from the many different agencies for whom the CSP provides dispatch services.


Communication Officers are trained to operate highly complex computers and communications equipment. They provide information and assistance to the citizens of Colorado and those visiting our state. Communications Officers must make decisions that are critical to the outcome of emergency situations. The information that is provided by them to field personnel is necessary for appropriate enforcement action and is often vital to officer safety.


Communication Officers work independently and are under continuous public scrutiny. They must deal with citizens from various socio-ethnic backgrounds, often in very stressful situations. Communication Officers must be able to empathize with others and provide a calm and professional response even when under extreme duress. Communications Officers must have keen listening and be able to prioritize job duties, often in an environment where multiple emergency situations occur simultaneously.