Working With SIPA

Who Can Work With SIPA

The Authority's enabling legislation (C.R.S. 24-37.7-113) allows for SIPA to work with any Eligible Governmental Entity.  An Eligible Governmental Entity (EGE) is an agency, office of the Governor, local government, political subdivision, education institution, school district, or any other eligible entity within the State of Colorado.

All EGEs can enter into an Eligible Governmental Entity Agreement with SIPA for the purpose of defining circumstances and responsibilities for e-Government services.  All agreements, project requests, and work orders are at the discretion of the government entity.

How To Work With SIPA

1. Complete an Eligible Governmental Entity Agreement
To work with SIPA, it is necessary for the proposed entity to enter into an Eligible Governmental Entity Agreement with SIPA. This agreement is the first step and simply states that the entity is willing to work with SIPA. It lays the foundation for future projects with the Portal at the discretion of the entity.  For more information about the agreement, please contact

2. Submit a Service Request Form
Once the EGE Agreement is fully executed, a project request form will be completed detailing information about the proposed application, website, or service that is suitable for development through SIPA. Available entity resources and the perceived benefits are included in the project request.  

Service Request Form

3. Negotiate and Sign Work Order:
A work order, task order, or statement of work specific to the entities' project will be negotiated so that both parties understand the scope of work, fees involved, and timelines required.

 Please contact further questions. Services

Content Management System

SIPA has selected a Content Management System (CMS) solution to provide Colorado government entities the ability to manage content on entity websites.  This software is a comprehensive web content management solution that allows for trained content experts to manage and update website layouts, style, and content with an easy to use administrative interface.  

Website Design Informational Packet pdf file

Transaction Payment Engine

The Portal has developed a secure Transaction Payment Engine (TPE) that works smoothly with state and local financial processes. Eligible governmental entities can connect their existing applications to the Checkout Utility and accept payments over the internet via credit cards or electronic checks. The system processes and stores payments, is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant, and includes an administrative interface that allows for entity users to report on and research transactions.


The Transaction Payment Engine feature was expanded to include a PayPort application, which is an over-the-counter transaction system to be used in Eligible Governmental Entity offices. This solution offers counties and agencies within the State of Colorado the ability to process over-the-counter payments from walk-in or telephone customers via credit card or e-Check for goods and services, such as paying fines, fees, or taxes.

Application Development

The Portal also provides custom application development.  Governmental entities often have a need that cannot be satisfied by SIPA's enterprise solutions.  The Portal in these circumstances will partner with the established government entity to develop a new service or enhance existing web services to meet the existing government entity's needs.  Examples of custom solutions can be found on the Featured Applications page. 

Event Registration

Online Event Registration allows you the ease and flexibility to set up your event in a matter of minutes. There is also the option to provide a payment forum to process your event fees. With Event Registration you can easily create, organize and manage customized events. 

  • Comprehensive online registration
  • Secured data and payment processing
  • Ongoing communication capabilities throughout the event
  • Create unlimited events
  • Recreate annual events quickly
  • Customized setup allows you to create any type of fee or free, public or private event, including meetings, conferences, classes and trainings, workshops and seminars

Additional Features:

  • Upload a custom logo
  • Discount Codes
  • Password protected events
  • Waiting lists
  • Print badges
  • Early and late registration pricing

Google Apps for Government

Google Apps - What Does It Include?

SIPA offers Google Apps for Government to Eligible Governmental Entities (EGEs) for the Collaboration, Office Productivity, & Email (COPE) project.  Please contact SIPA for more information.   

State of Colorado Image

Google Apps - Pricing

Google Apps for Government delivers the advanced technology that EGEs need to communicate and collaborate.  In addition to email, calendaring, instant messaging, and video conferencing, Google Apps offers a suite of collaboration tools that make employees more productive and improves information sharing.  Through SIPA, the Google Apps for Government solution is offered to EGEs for:

  • Year 2 - $44 per user, per year
  • Year 3 - $47 per user, per year
  • Year 4 - $47 per user, per year
  • Year 5 - $48 per user, per year

*Price is not contingent on number of licenses.  EGEs may elect to purchase multiple years of licenses and pricing conditions may reflect a lower total cost. 

Google Message Discovery - Pricing

SIPA offers an eDiscovery and archiving solution through Google Message Discovery (GMD), powered by Postini.  This is an easily deployed service that helps EGEs manage email retention, while providing complete email security, email archive with search capabilities, and recovery tools.  Through SIPA, one year of GMD is offered to EGEs for $12 per user, per year.  For ten years of GMD, it is $30 per user, per year. 

Google Apps for Government Documents


SIPA & Google Apps Frequently Asked Questions pdf file

Google Apps Rapid Evaluation Methodology pdf file

Google Apps & GMD Evaluation Methodology pdf file

SIPA offers a new and exciting way for governments across Colorado to build applications, stay in contact with their residents, reach out to visitors, and improve their ability to stay connected with one another. SIPA has created a relationship with which gives Colorado governments the ability to purchase licenses at a discounted rate and partner with a professional service team to aid in the development and configuration of the tool set. Utilizing the tools available through SIPA has built some amazing applications related to grants management, public inquiries, requests for service, outreach, and economic development. These tools can now be built quickly, efficiently, and be adjusted in real time to meet new demands as they are presented.


SIPA has been running its operations on since October 2011 and it has allowed us to keep up with a workload that has grown through new customers by more than 150 percent. This tool is very powerful, is offered as a Software/Platform as a Service and has a lot of flexibility in terms of use. If you have an application or work process that needs updated or created call SIPA for a consultation to see if this easy to use and economical system could work for your organization.

Mobile Pulse

Mobile Pulse - Introduction

Mobile Pulse provides mobile performance measurment software that empowers government IT executives to execute cost-effective and productive mobile strategies. SIPA is participating by affording cities and counties in all counties in all corners of the state to run the mobile pulse service at a lower cost. Click on the link below to view the informational packet. Please contact SIPA for more information.



Mobile Pulse/SIPA Informational Packet pdf file

Mobile Pulse Mobile App

Mobile Pulse Testing App

SIPA annouces the creation of a Mobile Pulse application that measures your network broadband speed from your smartphone, tablet or cellular laptops!


The SIPA testing app powered by Mobile Pulse provides mobile performance measurement results that empower governments to execute cost-effective and productive mobile broadband strategies. By installing a simple client on smart phones, tablets and cellular laptops, performance tests are periodically run in the background and the results are collected on a secure site. Mobile Pulse provides you access to and analysis of this anonymous data through a web dashboard to understand, identify and solve performance issues in your mobile network. The actionable data will help you make better decisions about which carrier to use and what devices to buy, as well as giving you insights about how your mobile applications will perform. 

Help us accurately map mobile wireless coverage by anonymously testing with our app (iPhone or Android).

Frequently Asked Questions pdf file



SIPA offers a mapping service through tools offered by ESRI and their ArcGIS Online Service. This service allows SIPA to create maps on behalf of its partners with nothing for them to install or setup. A government wishing to have a map created only needs to supply a file listing the information and SIPA can create a map that can be embedded on a website, shared with citizens and be made available on mobile devices. Maps are a powerful tool to visualize data and they help in making policy and procedural decisions. This service creates an opportunity where governments of any size can have easy to use and appealing maps created in days.


To see how SIPA is using this service today please visit our My Neighborhood Application

Perceptive Software

Perceptive Software

Perceptive Software, from Lexmark International, builds a complete family of intelligent capture, content and process management, enterprise search and integration products that link enterprise applications to the processes and information they don't manage, providing visibility and control needed to improve financial performance, reduce risk and ensure future flexibility. Our solutions integrate quickly and seamlessly with existing systems to enable fast user adoption, saving time and money across the enterprise.


Perceptive delivers a full range of licensing and deployment alternatives, including a number of cloud deployment models that deliver the ability to fully isolate server and/or storage environments to customers. Users and their cloud environment are supported by dedicated platform services and managed service teams, as well as technical services and remote administration teams, for unrivaled security and flexibility.

Featured Applications

Online Vehicle Registration Renewal

The Online Vehicle Registration Renewal service, from the Department of Revenue, allows citizens in participating counties to renew their eligible vehicle registration quickly and easily online. With this service, citizens are able to renew one or several vehicles in a single transaction using a credit card or electronic check.

Colorado Business Express

The Colorado Business Express is a consolidation of information for Colorado businesses.  This application is a registration resource service to help business owners start the process of setting up a new business and help existing businesses access online services to keep their business running smooth.  This application is a multi agency effort between the Department of Revenue, Department of Labor and Employment, the Secretary of State's Office, and the Department of Regulatory Agencies.

The Great Colorado Payback

The Great Colorado Payback is Colorado's official unclaimed property source and responsible for reuniting Coloradoans with their lost or forgotten assets.  This application, built for the Colorado Treasurer's Office, allows citizens to determine if the state is holding funds unclaimed from bank accounts, stock certificates, retirement accounts, rebate checks, reimbursement checks, paychecks or Colorado state tax rebates.

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