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Draft Tax Regulations

Pursuant to Governor John Hickenlooper‘s Executive Order D 2012-002, which strives to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of state rules, each principal department and state agency is to conduct a review of all its rules to assess the continuing need for, appropriateness and cost-effectiveness of its rules. Through this process, the Colorado Department of Revenue Division of Taxation has held numerous stakeholder workshops to gather suggestions on its rules from the public, which helped guide the department’s determination as to whether a rule or set of rules should be maintained in their current form, modified or repealed. The following drafts of current or new rules incorporate changes the department believes are necessary and also includes suggestions from the public. 

The public is encouraged to submit topics or specific proposals for new or amended tax rules. Proposals can be submitted to the department through its rule review request process. When accessing this form, click "If you are unable to allow popups in your browser please click here to access the requested document" -- to open the link.
Fuel Tax  -- 39-27-103