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Avoid Errors and Get Your Refund Faster

Posted: February 25, 2013

Each year, thousands of Colorado state tax returns contain errors or omissions that delay tax refunds. Did you know that you can easily avoid delays by filing your Colorado income tax electronically for FREE through Revenue Online?

How else can you avoid errors? 

  • Carefully enter the information into Revenue Online and submit your return. Avoid rushing through it. Use the paper Colorado 104 form, instructions and appropriate schedules as guides and reference. Read instructions carefully.

  • Social Security numbers must be correct. Avoid transposing numbers within the nine-digit number. If Social Security numbers (SSN) are not correct on paper or electronic returns, the system will place the account on a list to be manually reviewed which will delay the refund.

  • Verify where the refund is to be sent. When Direct Deposit is requested, accurate financial information should be submitted. Carefully review bank account and routing numbers. The Department of Revenue advises that you use caution when designating your Direct Deposit into an account other than your own. If you wish to receive a refund by mail, addresses should be complete.

  • Don’t file more than one return for the same tax year. If changes or corrections to a return that has already been filed are necessary, use an Amended Return (104X) for that specific year. Each return has different lines from year to year. Using the correct corresponding year is important to ensure smooth processing.
  • Attach all supporting documentation to the return. All W-2, 1099 and supporting documents required for tax credits taken must be attached to the paper return. Skip the paper and staples. Use Revenue Online “E-Filer Attachment” at to attach any supporting documentation required for your income tax filing.

  • Another advantage of filing online – Less Paper! No need to submit W-2s online or by paper. Filing online through Revenue Online or another e-file method eliminates the need to provide us with any W-2s or 1099 statements that contain Colorado Withholding upfront. Just make sure you enter all of your withholding information correctly and you are set.