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Individual Income Tax Forms

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Filing Forms
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Individual Income Tax - File electronically and get your refund faster.
Income Tax Booklet eFile Form 104 Booklet
Income Tax Form eFile Form 104
Amended Form


Form 104X


Coupons and Payment Vouchers

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Accompanying Forms File Links Form Number
Estimated Tax -- 2012 Individual Coupon ePay  Form 104EP
Extension Payment Voucher -- Individual ePay Form DR 158-I
Payment Voucher -- Individuals ePay Form DR 0900

Schedules, and other Filing Forms

Electronically File or Submit these forms to save processing time.

Accompanying Forms File Links Form Number
Alternative Minimum Tax Schedule Submit Online Form 104AMT
Capital Gain Affidavit Submit Online Form DR 1316
Catastrophic Health Insurance - Employee Submit Online Form DR 0811
Child Care Contribution - Credit Certification Submit Online Form DR 1317
Child Care Contribution - Grandfathered Organization Submit Online Form DR 1319
Child Care Contribution - Unlicensed Organization Submit Online Form DR 1318
Consumer Use Tax Return eFile Form DR 1306
Copy of Form Filed -- Request for eFile Form DR 5714
Credits -- for Individuals eFile Form 104CR
Deceased Taxpayer - Claim for Refund  Submit Online Form DR 0102
E-Filer Attachment Form Submit Online  Form  DR 1778
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Authorization Online Form DR 5785
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Program Online Form DR 5782
Enterprise Zone Certification - Business Submit Online Form DR 0074
Enterprise Zone Certification - Contribution Submit Online Form DR 0075
Enterprise Zone Certification - Rehabilitation Expenditures Submit Online Form DR 0076
Enterprise Zone Certification - Research/Development Expenditures Submit Online Form DR 0077
Enterprise Zone Tax Credits - Extended Application Submit Online Form DR 0078
Enterprise Zone Tax Credits - Pass-Through Entity Distribution Report Submit Online Form DR 0078A
Estimated Tax -- Individual Underpayment  Submit Online Form 204
Forms Order Sheet -- Bulk forms   Form DR 0211
Gross Conservation Easement Holders Submission of Information Submit Online Form DR 1299
Gross Conservation Easement Donor Schedule Submit Online Form DR 1303
Gross Conservation Easement Public Information Schedule


Form DR 1304
Gross Conservation Easement Schedule eFile Form DR 1305
Material Advisor Disclosure Statement For Colorado Listed Transaction  Submit Online Form DR 1830
Medical Savings Account -- Employee Submit Online Form DR 0810
Military Spouse -- Exemption from Withholding  Submit Online Form DR 1059
Part-Year/Nonresident Computation Form eFile Form 104PN
Power of Attorney eFile Form DR 0145
Real Property Interest -- Information Submit Online Form DR 1083
Real Property Interest -- Payment of Withholding Submit Online Form DR 1079
W-2 Form Substitute   Form DR 0084