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Tax Filing Tips

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  1. How to Register for EFT
  2. EFT Payment Options

  1. Sales Tax Exemptions
  2. What is the manufacturing exemption from state sales tax
  3. What nonessential articles and containers are exempt from sales tax

Online Services
  1. How do I set up access to a business tax account through Revenue Online
  2. How do I file a zero sales tax return through Revenue Online
  3. I have a single location. Can I file my sales tax return online
  4. Can I file my sales tax form online
  5. How to verify a sales tax license or tax exempt certificate
  6. How can I change the address on my business tax account

  1. Retail Marijuana
  2. Tax Relief for Victims of September 2013 Severe Weather
  3. Frequently asked Questions about sales tax classes 
  4. What is the statute of limitations for a sales tax refund
  5. Where can I find a map of the RTD boundaries
  6. I visited your state while on vacation. How do I file to receive a reimbursement on the sales tax paid
  7. What is the difference between a statutory city, a home rule city and self collected city
  8. What do I need to do to open a new business in Colorado
  9. Sales Tax License Renewal/Corrections
  10. How can I change the filing frequency for my business
  11. How do I amend my sales tax form
  12. How can I get a refund of sales tax I overpaid or was charged in error
  13. Do I pay sales tax on point of purchase or point of delivery
  14. Do I need a sales tax license for a lump-sum contract
  15. My company did not have sales wage withholding. Do I file a return
  16. What is consumer use tax

Sales Tax Rates
  1. Sales and Use Tax Rates
  2. What is the sales tax rate that should be charged/paid on pre-paid phone cards
  3. How do I find the correct sales tax rate for my business

  1. How do I find out if a specific item is taxable
  2. Is sales tax due on delivery and freight charges
  3. If I make a purchase over the Internet and sales tax was not collected, what do I do
  4. Do I collect and remit city or county sales taxes on leases
  5. Sales of telephone calls and telecommunication services subject to Colorado sales tax
  6. How do I know if sales or use tax is due on an aircraft
  7. Are solar panels taxable
  8. Are labor charges subject to sales tax
  9. Are services taxable in Colorado
  10. Is Sales Tax to be collected for room rentals for 30 days or more