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Excel Spreadsheet Filing

The department will allow sales tax returns to be filed electronically using an approved Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. This service will be available as part of Revenue Online.

A sample spreadsheet must be reviewed and approved by the department before a business can file using Excel. Details, instructions and more information on how to become an approved filer including Developer Handbook and testing templates can be found on the Multiple Location Web page. Once you have built your template for all branches, tax codes, and rates, you must submit it by email for approval to and CC when you submit your template. We will respond within five business days with approval or needed corrections.

This review process includes data validation to ensure that the DR 0100 has been filed correctly. When using Revenue Online, an approved Excel filer will be required to provide the Colorado Account Number (CAN) as well as contact information for the person responsible for submitting the return. Once a business is verified, there will be an option to upload the DR 0100 Sales Tax Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will be verified to ensure that it is of the proper format and that all required information is present. If the spreadsheet passes verification, the file will be submitted for processing. There will also be an option to file by EFT (if setup previously), or through Revenue Online. The submitted Excel file will be converted from an Excel to an XML format automatically by our system after you have submitted the file.

If you are not an approved filer and attempt to use the system, you will be directed to information on how to become a approved Excel spreadsheet filer.

For information on how to test this format and apply for approval, please see:

Contact Information for questions on how to develop the Excel e-file format