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July 1 Sales Tax Rate Changes

Posted: June 11, 2009




State-Collected Cities

Tax Rate Exemptions Use Tax Service Fee
Firestone (remainder of city, non-PIF areas) 2% A-B Y-Z 2% 0%
Firestone (PIF effective 07/01/09) 0.50%7 A-B Y-Z 0.50%7 0%
Firestone (PIF effective 11/01/06) 0.75%7 A-B Y-Z 0.75%7 0%
Superior (reduced service fee to 0%) 3.46% None Y-Z 3.3% 0%


7 Reduced rate for Firestone is only in the PIF area.  Remainder of Firestone is 2%.  The rate is reduced because of a Public Improvement Fee (PIF) credit for Firestone City Centre businesses. Contact the city for additional information.


State-Collected Counties .

No changes.


State-Collected Special Districts

No changes.


Self-Collected Cities and Counties

No changes.


Other Fees

Environmental Response Surcharge -- For updated information, please see publication FYI Excise 11, "Environmental Response Surcharge and Liquefied Petroleum Gas Inspection Fee."