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Multiple Location/Jurisdiction Filers

Businesses who file sales tax returns with more than one location/jurisdiction have five options to file the DR 0100 Sales Tax Return. These options are:

  • XML Format* - the Department of Revenue e-file format XML (Extensible Markup Language). XML is similar to the Streamlined Sales Tax forms used by other states. Your sales tax data in this format must be tested and approved by the department prior to using it. For information on how to test this format and apply for approval, please see the Test Files at the bottom of this page. For detailed information on XML Filing, please see XML Common Questions.
  • Software Company- use a software/vendor who is approved for XML filing through the department. A list of approved vendors is listed at the bottom of this page.
  • Excel Spreadsheet* - the department will allow retailers with five or more sites to file electronically using an approved Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. This service is available as part of Revenue Online. A sample spreadsheet must be reviewed and approved by the department before a business can file using Excel. Details, instructions and more information on how to become an approved filer including a Developer Handbook and testing templates can be found at the bottom of this Web page. For detailed information on Excel filing, please see Excel Filing Common Questions.
  • Revenue Online – you can file multiple sites one at a time in your sales account in Revenue Online.
  • Paper Filing - A separate DR 0100 paper return must be submitted for each branch (physical) business location. Each DR 0100 return must report all applicable taxes for that location, including state and special district taxes. If you have five branch locations, you will file five DR 0100 returns. Taxes are not combined on one "parent" DR 0100 return any longer. Incomplete returns will result in nonfiler notices to the business.


*After approval, XML files and Excel spreadsheets must be uploaded through Revenue Online.

Businesses may continue to make a single payment to remit the tax for all locations.

NOTICE: Football Stadium District Sales Tax Expires Dec. 31, 2011

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