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DR 1304: Gross Conservation Easement Public Information Schedule

Information Required

Beginning January 1, 2008, taxpayers who claim the gross conservation easement credit on a Colorado individual income tax return are required by law to submit specific information regarding the donation.  An online method to submit the information is provided here.*  Additional information is required from taxpayers for the Colorado Department of Revenue to process these tax credits.  The information will be submitted on a secure server through the following link.


Public Information

In addition, the following gross conservation easement credit information from taxpayers who claim the credit is available for the public to view through this page:

  • County (the list is in alphabetical order by county name)
  • Township
  • Range
  • Number of acres
  • Tax credit claimed on donation
  • Organization holding the easement
  • Summary of the conservation purposes as defined in section 170(h) of the Internal Revenue Code

Taxpayers who claim the Colorado gross conservation easement credit may opt to complete and mail this information separate from their income tax filing by completing the
Colorado Gross Conservation Easement Public Information Schedule (DR 1304).

Please do not submit the same information online and then mail the form.  Doing so may delay credit processing.