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Tax-Exempt Entities

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Tax Forms File Links Form Number
Contractor Exemption Certificate Form  FYI DR 0172 
Electricity and Gas Exemption Certificate, Industrial  Form  FYI DR 1666
Electricity and Gas Exemption Certificate, Residential  Form  FYI DR 1260
Farm Equipment Exemption Certificate  Form FYI DR 0511 
Machinery/Machine Tools Exemption Agreement  Form FYI DR 1192 
Machinery/Machine Tools Exemption on Purchases  Form FYI DR 1191 
Motor Vehicle Sales Tax Exemption  Form -- DR 0780
Multi-Jurisdiction Sales Tax Exemption  Form -- DR 0563
Non-profit Sales Tax Exemption Application  Form  FYI DR 0715
Non-profit Organization Exemption Statement  Form  -- DR 0716
Pine Beetle Wood Exemption Certificate  Form  FYI DR 1240