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  • We offer Special Event-Specific Fill-in Forms for most Colorado Special Events.
  • Failure to submit a sales tax return and/or payment may result in interest and penalty charges against your account.
  • Software and Forms Developers: Please use these forms.


Tax Forms File Links Form Number
Account Changes or Closure eFile Form   DR 1102
Authorization Agreement For Automatic Deposits (ACH Credits)   Form   DR 1011
Aviation Fuel Consumers Use Tax Return and Reporting Form    Form    DR 1530
Aviation Fuel Retailers Use Tax Return and Reporting Form    Form    DR 1520
Aviation Fuel Sales Tax Report   Form FYI DR 1510
Business Application for Sales Tax/Wage Withholding Tax Account Apply Online
Form FYI CR 0100
Copy of Form Filed -- Request for eFile Form   DR 5714
County Lodging Tax Return   Form FYI DR 1485
Credit Card Payments -- Affidavit for Government Entities   Form FYI DR 1367
Direct Pay Permit   Form FYI DR 0002
Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization   Form   DR 5785
Electronic Funds Transfer Program   Form   DR 5782
Exemption -- Contractor Application for   Form FYI DR 0172
Exemption -- Electricity and Gas   Form FYI DR 1260
Exemption -- Electricity and Gas, Industrial   Form FYI DR 1666
Exemption -- Farm Equipment   Form FYI DR 0511
Exemption -- Low-Emitting Heavy Vehicles   Form FYI DR 1369
Exemption -- Machinery and Machine Tools State Sales Tax Exemption Declaration   Form FYI DR 1192
Exemption -- Machinery/Machine Tools, Purchases   Form FYI DR 1191
Exemption -- Multi-Jurisdiction   Form   DR 0563
Exemption -- Pine Beetle Wood Certification   Form FYI DR 1240
Exemption -- Sales Tax   Form FYI DR 0715
Food Establishment -- Deduction for Gas/Electricity   Form FYI DR 1465
Interstate Commerce Vehicles -- Sales Tax Refund   Form   DR 0202
License - Sales Tax, Renewal   Form   DR 0594
Local Marketing District Tax Return   Form FYI DR 1490
Location/Jurisdiction Codes for Sales Tax Filing   Form FYI DR 0800
Low-Emitting Heavy Vehicles -- Sales and Use Tax Exemption   Form FYI DR 1369
Motor Vehicle -- Purchase Price   Form   DR 0070
Motor Vehicle -- Sales Tax Exemption   Form   DR 0780
Motor Vehicle Lease -- Sales Tax Paid   Form FYI DR 0026
Motor Vehicle Loaner -- Sales Tax Paid   Form   DR 0025
Non-Profit Statement   Form   DR 0716
Pine Beetle Wood -- Certification for Exemption   Form FYI DR 1240
Power of Attorney for Representation (and Tax Information Designation)  eFile Form   DR 0145
Prepaid Wireless E911 Surcharge   Form Retailers Poster DR 0526
Receipt - Standard Sales Tax   Form   DR 0024
Refund, Claim for   Form   DR 0137
Refund, Claim for Tax Paid to Vendors   Form   DR 0137B
Rental/Lease Permit   Form FYI DR 0440
Sales and Use Tax Reference Guide   Form FYI DR 0099
Sales Tax -- Registration Apply Online
Form FYI CR 0100
Sales Tax Form (see Common Errors)
eFile Form Tips DR 0100
Sales Tax Form -- Occasional Retail Sales   Form   DR 0100A
Special District Sales Tax Supplement (Football/Baseball)   Form   DR 0200
Special Event Application   File Online   DR 0589
Special Event Sales Tax Return   File Online   DR 0098
Tax Rates Online Form   DR 1002
Tax Rates -- History of Local Sales/Use Taxes   Form   DR 1250
Tax Status Letter Request   Form   DR 0096
Vehicle Daily Rental Fee Return   Form   DR 1777
Vending Machine Decals Request   Form FYI DR 0235
Waste Tire Recycling Development Fee on New Tires -- See Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment