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How to Apply with Colorado

To apply to be exempt from state sales tax after obtaining exempt status from the federal Internal Revenue Service (IRS), complete and return to the Department of Revenue an

Application for Sales Tax Exemption for Colorado Organizations (DR 0715).


Please note that when applying for exempt status, organizations must include with their application a copy of their 501(c)(3) letter provided by the Internal Revenue Service.


If the Department of Revenue determines that your organization qualifies for sales tax exempt status, the organization will receive a Certificate of Exemption that authorizes it to purchase items and services used when conducting  regular charitable functions and activities without paying state sales tax and state-administered local sales taxes when items are to be used to conduct the organization's regular charitable function.


Governmental entities do not need to obtain a tax-exempt certificate or number for tax-exempt organization status. Purchases made by government agencies are exempt from sales tax if the order for goods is made on a prescribed government form or purchase order and payment is made to the seller by warrant or check drawn directly from governmental funds.