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Renew or Change

A license renewal application will automatically be mailed to each licensed distributor. Cigarette and tobacco licenses are based on the fiscal year (July 1 through June 30). To renew a license for each fiscal year, the licensee must submit a fee and renewal documentation for each license.  A letter detailing the requirements will be enclosed with each renewal application.


If you move and/or change the name of your business with no change in ownership, the Department of Revenue must be notified of such change.  After the distributor has sent written notification, a new license will be issued without charge upon request. The change can be made on the front of the Cigarette Tax Return (DR 0221).  However, if there is a change in ownership or in the type of ownership, such as sole proprietorship to limited liability company or partnership to corporation, the distributor must close the existing account and open a new account by applying for a new license with payment of applicable license fees.