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How to File

Once you are licensed with the Liquor Enforcement Division  and your account is set up with the Taxpayer Service Division,you will receive by postal mail a pre-printed Monthly Report of Excise Tax for Alcohol Beverages (DR 0442) each month.  File the DR 0442 along with any required supplemental schedules and payment of tax on or before the 20th day of the month following the month in which such alcohol beverages are first sold.  If you do not receive a DR 0442, you can download the form from this Web site or contact us to have one sent to you.  Failure to receive a form does not relieve you of your legal responsibility to file the return by the due date.


Payment may be made by check or through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).  To make payments through EFT, complete the Authorization For Electronic Funds Transfer for Tax Payments (DR 5785).


The Monthly Report of Excise Tax for Alcohol Beverages (DR 0442) must be filed even if no tax is due for that month.  Be sure to write your account number on all checks and correspondence.