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Agreement to Pay

How do I make installment payment arrangements?

  1. File your income tax return on or before the April 15th filing deadline. Include on the return the amount you owe.
  2. Pay as much as you can of the amount you owe by the filing deadline.
  3. Once your return is in our computer system, you may set up an Agreement to Pay through our Revenue Online service.

If you want to start making payments on your account prior to receiving the bill, you can mail in your payment with the Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher (DR 0900). Make sure you put your Social Security number (primary Social Security number if it is a joint filing) on the bottom of your payment check and the tax year to which the payment applies.

Payment Plans and Extensions of Time to File
If you expect to owe money when you file your return you can avoid penalty and interest by sending your payment on or before April 15 using the Extension Payment Voucher (DR 158-I) for Colorado individual income tax.  Then file the return by the October 15 filing deadline.  If you owe additional tax, you may pay it at the time you file the return, but the amount will be subject to interest and penalty rates.

When a business is unable to pay the full amount of a balance due requesting an Agreement to Pay plan is an option. For more information, please contact the Tax Auditing and Compliance Division at (303) 866-3711.


If the agreed upon payments are not made on time the privilege of making installment payments may be withdrawn. The entire amount of the tax liability will be collected by wage garnishment or by property seizure.