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Electronic Filing Concerns

Acknowledgment that income tax returns filed electronically were received by the Colorado Department of Revenue

Colorado uses the Internal Revenue Service acknowledgment system to send out acknowledgments. If your software company or a third party transmits for you, they will get the acknowledgments and provide the information to you.


Declaration for Electronic Filing Form (DR 8453)

Tax professionals are required to retain the signed DR 8453s in their records. They should be kept for the duration of the statute of limitations for Colorado individual income tax. The statute of limitations is four years. Tax professionals should NOT mail the DR 8453s to the Colorado Department of Revenue. 


Electronic Filing of Corporation Returns

Colorado is now accepting electronically filed corporate income tax on our Form 112. This is part of the IRS Modern eFile(MeF) program. For more information please see the Corporation e-file Web page.


More Information

Electronic Filers Handbook
Software Accepted by Colorado  

Colorado Electronic Filing Help Desk: (303) 866-3889