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Payment Options

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  • Pay Online. Visit Revenue Online. There is a $1 e-check fee or a 2.25% plus $0.77 fee for a credit card.
  • Pay by EFT: Visit the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Web site. There are no fees for EFT. It’s a free service. A return and payment must be received by the due date of the return to be considered filed on time.
  • Pay by Check: Make checks payable to Colorado Department of Revenue. On the "Memo" line or elsewhere on the check, write: Sales Tax, the filing period date, and the account number.

If you fail to file a sales tax return for any given reporting period, you will receive a delinquency notice with tax due. Please make sure to file your return with the correct tax due or file a zero return. File either through Revenue Online.