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General FYI Publications

The most recent versions of these FYIs are listed below. New versions will be added as they become available. FYIs are listed in numerical order. Where numbers are missing, the topic is obsolete and no longer applies.

Adobe All publications are in an Adobe PDF Format.

  • General 2:  How to Determine What Information the Department of Revenue Can Release 
  • General 4:  Severance Tax Information for Owners of any Interest in any Oil and Gas Produced in Colorado
  • General 5:  General Information About Colorado State Taxes 
  • General 6:  General Information About Colorado Enterprise Zones
  • General 7:  Property Tax/Rent/Heat Credit (PTC) Rebate 
  • General 9:  Short Term Rental Tax  
  • General 10: Consumer Use Tax 
  • General 11: Colorado Civil Tax Penalties and Interest  (Revised) 
  • General 14: Opening a Tax Account in Colorado 
  • General 15: Colorado Department of Revenue Tax Due Dates   (Revised) 
  • General 17: Refund Interceptions 
  • General 18: Statute of Limitations 
  • General 19: Motor Vehicle Daily Rental Fee  (Revised)
  • General 21:  E911 Surcharge 
  • General 22: Tax Account Maintenance