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Register or Renew

Most licenses are valid for a two-year period and expire at the end of each odd-numbered year. All licenses must be displayed at a business location and may not be used to obtain personal goods or business assets tax-free.

If your address has changed, please verify and correct it through Revenue Online. This way, your new license will be delivered to the correct address.

To Register:

Apply for a sales tax license using Colorado Business Express or fill out and submit the Sales Tax / Wage Withholding Account Application (CR 0100).  Once complete, you can mail the form to us or take it to any Taxpayer Service Center. The Colorado Department of Revenue requires all new businesses to show a picture ID for all registrations at the walk-in service district offices. 

Cash is not accepted. All fees or tax payments must be paid by check or money order.
 If you wish to pay in cash, you may do so at 1881 Pierce Street, Lakewood, 80214. However, taxpayer assistance is not available at the Pierce location.



  • Standard Sales Tax License-- $50 deposit (refunded after $50 in state sales tax is paid and remitted) and $16, $12, $8, or $4 (prorated in six-month increments). The deposit is required for the first business location only on a sales tax account.
  • Wholesale License -- $16, $12, $8, or $4 (prorated in six-month increments).
  • Single Event License-- $8 per event (Free for standard sales tax license holders).
  • Multiple Event License -- $16 for two-year period (Free for standard sales tax license holders).
  • Non-profit Exempt Certificates -- There is no fee for exemption certificates. Exemption certificates for non-profits do not expire. However if the IRS revokes an exempt tax status 501(c)(3), they contact the Colorado Department of Revenue and we revoke the state exemption certificate.


To Renew:

To renew a license, complete and mail or take the Renewal Application for Sales Tax License (DR 0594)  to any Taxpayer Service Center. The DR 0594 is available on our Sales Tax Forms Web page. Sales tax licenses may also be renewed through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) The renewal license fee of $16 is for each location. If you have more than one sales location, each location must have a license. If you do not renew, you will receive a delinquency notice for $16.