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Payment Options


In all cases where there is a delay in payment, penalty and interest will be charged on the amount due. When the balance due notice is received, taxpayers have the option of paying the full balance due or setting up an installment plan.



If the taxpayer wishes to pay the full balance due, payment must be made by the due date printed on the balance due notice in order to avoid further late fees.


Payment in Full by Mail

Payment needs to be attached to the notice and mailed to:


Colorado Department of Revenue

1375 Sherman St

Denver, CO 80261-0004


Partial or Full Payment by echeck or Credit Card

Payments by echeck or credit card are accepted on the Colorado Online Tax Payment Web site.  Convenience fess will be applied to the echeck and credit card payments.


Payment Plan

If the taxpayer is unable to pay the balance due in full, the taxpayer can apply for an Agreement to Pay (ATP). Additional penalty will not be assessed after the installment plan is set up, however interest will be added for the term of the plan.  There is no fee for this plan.


There are three methods to request an Agreement to Pay plan:


  • Revenue Online service
  • Contact our Tax Auditing and Compliance Division at (303) 205-8291.


Once the request is received through our automated service, monthly payment coupons will be mailed to the taxpayer within 7-10 days. If you do not receive your coupons within that timeframe please contact us at (303) 205-8291 so we may reissue your coupons. However, you are still liable for your payment even if you have not recieved your coupons.