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No matter how a Colorado personal income tax return is filed, electronically or on paper, taxpayers can pay tax owed through the Colorado Online Tax Payment service.  And individuals filing their tax returns via the Colorado NetFile online tax filing system have the option while they're in NetFile to pay their tax electronically using a Visa, MasterCard or electronic check


To make an electronic payment, users simply complete their filing through the NetFile system and select the online payment link. Or, visit the Colorado Online Tax Payment service. Either way, taxpayers will be asked to provide basic information to process the payment and submit the transaction. All payments are processed by's secure payment processing software and can be made using a credit card or electronic check. In most cases, the payment information is processed by the Department of Revenue and applied to the taxpayer's account within 24 hours.  There is an administrative processing fee to use this service.  The fee is the amount due plus $ .75 multiplied by 2.25%.  However, if you choose to pay with cash in the form of an eCheck, the administrative processing fee is discounted to $1.00 per transaction.  This fee is paid to a third party that provides these services for