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Tax Forms File Links Form Number
Fuel Application Packet: Ensure you submit all of these forms when applying.DR 0214,DR 5785,DR 7064,DR 7065 and the COFTS Trading Partner Agreement.      
 COFTS--Electronic Trading Partner Agreement Online  FYI


Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Form    DR 5785
Electronic Funds Transfer Program  Form     DR 5782
Exempt Fuel Use Refund Form - Use Jan. 1, 2014 and after  Form FYI  DR 7118
Exempt Fuel Use Refund Form - Use Dec. 31, 2013 and prior  Form    DR 7118
Fleet Mileage and Fuel Summary Form FYI  DR 0734
Fuel Distributors License Application Booklet Form  FYI  DR 7064
Fuel Distributors License Application Checklist Form  FYI  DR 0214
Fuel Distributors Surety Bond Form  FYI  DR 7065
Fuel Tax Refund Permit Form  FYI  DR 7189
 Government Agencies Fuel Tax Exemption Form  FYI  DR 0241
 Passenger Buses--Passenger Mile Detail Form    DR 7011
 Passenger Mile Tax Account Application Form  FYI  DR 0278
 Passenger Mile Tax Return Form  FYI  DR 0133
 Power of Attorney Form    DR 0145