Colorado Department of Revenue
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Driver's License Refresh Closures

The Colorado Department of Revenue's Division of Motor Vehicles is upgrading driver's license equipment at all 55 offices across the state, resulting in temporary closures over the next six weeks to complete the improvements.


Between April 30 and June 8, 2012, two offices will be upgraded each day. The upgraded offices could be closed in the morning to complete employee training on the newly installed equipment. The upgraded offices will resume serving customers no later than 1 p.m. on the same day of the employee training.


The schedule for the plan to roll out the new equipment and which offices will be closed for training is attached.


The new equipment has already been in place and tested at two Denver Metro offices for nearly five weeks. Deployment to the remaining 55 offices will begin on Monday, April 30, 2012. The new equipment replaces systems that were difficult and costly to maintain. The new system will also bring the state to closer compliance with federal identity security and issuance requirements.