Colorado Department of Revenue
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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us
Q. Mailing addresses; Business location and Express mail information?



Q. Getting Driving Records: My Own/Others?
Q. How do I get a copy of someone else's driving record?
Q. How do I request a letter of clearance?


Reinstating after Suspension, Revocation, Cancelation, Denial
Q. How can I reinstate a suspension or revocation?
Q. What is the difference between a Suspension, Revocation, Cancellation &/or Denial of my driving privilege?


Out-of-State Services for Colorado drivers
Q. Out-of-State Duplicate?
Q. Out-of-State Extension


Alcohol Hearing Evidence
Q. What is the new process?
Q. I received a copy of my evidence packet. Why doesn't it indicate when my hearing is going to be conducted?
Q. What's the difference between the copy provided and the Department originals?
Q. What is the process for reviewing the original documents received by the Department?
Q. Can I make a request to review the "original" documents during the hearing?
Q. Why are the original documents available for review only at 1881 Pierce Street?
Q. How do I request an additional copy of the evidence packet, and is there a fee?
Q. Can I have a third party conduct the comparison between my copy and the "original" documents?
Q. What number do I call if I have additional questions about the hearing?


Alcohol Classes
Q. Why does the state require me to take alcohol classes when the court doesn't?


SR-22 Insurance
Q. What is an SR-22?



Q. Why do I have to take a re-exam when my license does not expire for several more years?
Q. How do I request a re-examination for a family member?
Q. Can the request for re-exam be kept confidential?
Q. What if the family member in question has medical issues?
Q. Can re-examinations be extended if I can't take my re-examination?
Q. How is the driver notified that he/she needs to take a re-examination?


Out-of-State tickets for Colorado drivers
Q. What is an NRVC?
Q. How do I clear an NRVC suspension?


Probationary Driver's License (Red License)
Q. What is a probationary driver's license (red license)?
Q. How can I get a probationary driver's license?
Q. What happens if I violate the restrictions of my probationary driver's license?


Outstanding Judgement Warrant (OJW)
Q. What is an OJW?
Q. How do I clear an OJW?


Q. What will an Ignition Interlock cost per year?
Q. What do I need to take to the Ignition Interlock vendor? (IMPORTANT)
Q. When is an Ignition Interlock required?
Q. Do I have to install an Ignition Interlock on all my cars?
Q. I had an alcohol violation that requires an Interlock as part of my reinstatement, what do I do now?
Q. Now that I have been reinstated with the Ignition Interlock device, how do I get my restricted license?
Q. My Ignition Interlock requirement has ended, what do I do now?
Q. How do I qualify for an unrestricted license after 4 compliant periods (1st Per Se only)?