Colorado Department of Revenue
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Changes to Driver's License reinstatements...

Effective September 1, 2008 two changes are being introduced related to reinstatements:


1.  The reinstatement fee will increase to $95.00. 

2.  The following suspensions can be reinstated at most Full Service Driver's License offices (requirements are listed below suspension):

  1. Unpaid Tickets (within CO and Out-of-State)
    1. Paid receipt from the court.
    2. $95.00 reinstatement fee.
    3. New license and fee required.
  2. Child Support
    1. Compliance received by DMV from child support agency.
    2. $95.00 reinstatement fee.
  3. Point Suspensions
    1. Period of suspension complete.
    2. Evidence of current liability insurance with your name on the policy.
    3. $95.00 reinstatement fee.


All other suspensions and revocations are reinstated by mail only - no exceptions will be made.








Revised 8/7/08