Colorado Department of Revenue
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Registration Forms

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 Affidavit for Lost or Stolen License Plates/Permits

 DR 2283

 Affidavit of Non-Commercial Vehicle

 DR 2696

 Affidavit of Nonresidence and Military Exemption from Specific Ownership Tax

 DR 2667

 Application for Low-Power Scooter Registration  

 DR 2579

 Application for Low-Power Scooter Registration Agent  

 DR 2228

 Authorization for Use of Year Manufacture License Plates

 DR 2818

 Bronze Star Plates Application

 DR 2690

 Colorado Residency Establishment

 DR 2504

 Commercial Business Idle Late Fee Exemption

 DR 2505

 Emergency Vehicle Equipment Authorization Application

 DR 2490

 Fallen Service License Plate Member & World War II License Plate Application

 DR 2432

 Farm Truck, or Farm Truck Tractor License Plates Application

 DR 2159

 Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Proof of Payment Exemption

 DR 2749

 Fleet Owners Request for Common Registration Expiration Date

 DR 2194

 Former Prisoner of War License Plates Application

 DR 2502

 Horseless Carriage Plates Application

 DR 2905

 License Plate Destruction, Recycling & Disposal Approval Application 

 DR 2926

 License Plate Destruction, Recycling & Disposal Log 

 DR 2927

 Low-Power Scooter Monthly Report and Request for Decals/Forms  

 DR 2183

 Low-Power Scooter Registration Application 

 DR 2701

 Manufacturer Plates Application

 DR 2670

 Medal of Valor Plates Application

 DR 2181

 National Guard License Plates Application

 DR 2226

 Pearl Harbor License Plate Application

 DR 2130

 Personalized Conversion Application

 DR 2813

 Personalized License Plate Application

 DR 2810

 Personalized Plate Reservation

 DR 2232

 Persons with Disabilities Brochure

 DR 2816

 Persons with Disabilities Parking Privileges Application 

 DR 2219

 Purple Heart License Plates Application

 DR 2223

 Registration of Mobile Machinery - Off Highway Application

 DR 2055

 Secure and Verifiable Identification

 DR 2841

 SMM 2% Ownership Tax Authorization Request

 DR 2091

 SMM Rental Equipment Monthly Tab Report

 DR 2671

 SMM Vehicle Information Worksheet

 DR 2689

 Personalized Plate Replacement

 DR 2204

 Supplemental Secure and Verifiable Identification Information and Attestation Clause

 DR 2842

 Transporter Plates Application

 DR 2222

 Vehicle Rental Company Request

 DR 2225

 Vehicle Rental Monthly Report

 DR 2224