Colorado Department of Revenue
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Why is there an investigation on my record?
Q What's the difference between fraud and identity theft?
Q How do I prevent or clear up identity theft?
Q How do I clear up identity theft in Colorado when I don't live there?
Q How do I get tickets/accidents off my record that are due to identity theft?
Q How secure is my record?
Q How can I get a new license/ID number?
Q How can I get an alert on my record?
Q Why aren't my identification documents acceptable and why do I need identification for the Colorado driver's license/ID I've had for years?
Q Why does my Social Security number have to be on my record?
Q What is SAVE and how does it work?
Q I am a naturalized citizen, so why do I have to go through SAVE ?
Q Why is the expiration date on my driver's license/ID different than what's on my I-20 or DS-2019?
Q Will my lawful presence have to be verified by SAVE every time I renew my license/ID?
Q What is Dossier Application and how does it work?
Q What is Exception Processing and how does it work?