Colorado Department of Revenue
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Getting Driving Records: My Own/Others?
Q. Out-of-State Duplicate?
Q. Out-of-State Extension
Q. How can I reinstate a suspension or revocation?
Q. What is an SR-22?
Q. How do I request a letter of clearance?
Q. What is the difference between a Suspension, Revocation, Cancellation &/or Denial of my driving privilege?
Q. Why does the state require me to take alcohol classes when the court doesn't?
Q. Why do I have to take a re-exam when my license does not expire for several more years?
Q. How do I request a re-examination for a family member?
Q. Can the request for re-exam be kept confidential?
Q. What if the family member in question has medical issues?
Q. Can re-examinations be extended if I can't take my re-examination?
Q. How is the driver notified that he/she needs to take a re-examination?
Q. What is an NRVC?
Q. How do I clear an NRVC suspension?
Q. What is a probationary driver's license (red license)?
Q. How can I get a probationary driver's license?
Q. What happens if I violate the restrictions of my probationary driver's license?
Q. What is an OJW?
Q. How do I clear an OJW?