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Hazardous Material Endorsement Clearance Application

Important information for CDL drivers who already have or wish to apply for the hazardous material endorsement


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The  USA Patriot Act, under the guidance of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires that a state not issue to any individual a CDL license to operate a commercial motor vehicle transporting a hazardous material unless the Secretary of Transportation has first determined, upon receipt of a notification that the individual does not pose a security risk warranting denial of the license.


Prior to applying for or renewing a CDL license with a hazardous material endorsement, you must complete a background check application. You can only complete the application on-line or by phone. To fill it out on-line, click or call 877-HAZPRINT (877-429-7746). You cannot complete the application on the TSA fingerprint site. After the application is completed, visit the TSA fingerprint site to submit your fingerprints. The TSA agent will forward your application and fingerprints to TSA and the FBI. TSA then notifies the individual and Motor Vehicle of the results (TSA will only notify Motor Vehicle of Yes/Issue or No/Don't Issue). Depending upon the results of the background check, the applicant may then obtain a hazardous material endorsement from a driver's license office.



  • The background check, which must be paid by the individual or his/her employer, is $86.50
  • Payment by credit card can only be done over the internet or by phone. TSA agents will only accept money orders


Locations and/or Additional Information:

  • Please visit or call 877-HAZPRINT (877-429-7746)
  • Click here for list of Colorado TSA fingerprint sites 


To contact TSA about the background checks:

  • Please call 866-289-9673 or e-mail them at
  • For those individuals who wish to appeal TSA's decision or apply for a waiver, please call    866-289-9673 for more information


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Important Notice: Individuals who already have a hazardous material endorsement, but would not pass the background check or are convicted of any of the disqualifying offenses are required to immediately surrender their hazardous material endorsement at any driver's license office.