Colorado Department of Revenue
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Is a newly purchased vehicle subject to vehicle registration late fees?
Q What are the requirements for becoming a resident of Colorado?
Q How much and when are vehicle registration late fees imposed?
Q Are there exceptions to the vehicle registration late fees?
Q. I have a Handicapped Disabled Veteran plate from another State. What do I need to get one in Colorado? Do I have to re-qualify?
Q. How do I register my Low-Power Scooter?
Q. Do I need to have a driver's license to drive a Low-Power Scooter?
Q. Am I required to have insurance for my Low-Power Scooter?
Q. I submitted my application for a personalized license plate. What is the process for this?
Q. What information do I need to submit for the no-fee Purple Heart license plate?
Q. My spouse who was a military veteran is recently deceased and had been given a no-fee Disabled Veteran license plate. Will I be allowed to keep those?
Q. I have an antique vehicle and would like to use the original plates manufactured in that year. How do I apply?
Q. What are the fees to register and title my vehicles?
Q. How do I change my address on my vehicle registration?
Q. Which Title and Registration transactions require Secure and Verifiable ID?
Q. What types of identification meet the requirements of Secure and Verifiable Photo Identification for Title and Registration transactions?
Q. Can my plates be transferred to my new vehicle?
Q. I paid registration fees before I got my free veteran plates. Can I receive a refund of these fees?
Q. Does The State of Colorado title and register trailers?
Q. Which county motor vehicle offices accept Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express as a payment option when titling and registering a vehicle?
Q. Are sample Colorado license plates available to license plate collectors or for purchase?