Colorado Department of Revenue
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are Colorado's identification requirements to obtain either a Colorado Driver's License or ID card?
Q. What is the fee for a Colorado Driver's License or ID Card and how long are they valid?
Q. Where are your office locations and what are the hours of operations?
Q. When is the best time of day to apply for a Colorado Driver's License so I can avoid the long lines?
Q. How long will it take for a Colorado Driver's License or ID Card to be mailed to me?
Q. Do I have to wait until my birthday to renew my Colorado Driver's License or ID Card?
Q. Colorado requires proof of Social Security number or proof that you are ineligible to get one. What does that mean?
Q. Can I renew online?
Q. Does Colorado accept credit cards?
Q. If my license expires, will I need to retest to renew my license?
Q. Does Colorado offer a military identifier on a license or ID?
Q. I am not in Colorado right now and need to renew my license. How can I do that?
Q. The state/country in which I now reside is requiring proof that I had a valid Colorado Driver's License. How can I get proof of that information?
Q. If I'm moving to Colorado from another state, will I be required to take a test to get a Colorado Driver's License?
Q. Can I get my vehicle plates at the same time that I apply for my Colorado Driver's License? If not, where would I apply for motor vehicle plates?
Q. I would like to keep my out-of-state valid Driver's License. Can I just apply for a Colorado Identification Card?
Q. How would my child, who is under 18 years of age, apply for a Colorado Instruction Permit and how long will the permit be valid?
Q. I am an emancipated minor. Do(es) my parent(s) have to sign the Affidavit of Liability (DR 2460) to receive a Colorado instruction permit?
Q. When does an instruction permit expire?
Q. How long must a minor hold a Colorado Instruction Permit before being eligible for testing to obtain a Driver's License?
Q. If I receive a traffic ticket, do I have to take a written test to get my Colorado Driver's License renewed?
Q. If I'm an Organ Donor, will that show on my license?
Q. Are there State approved organizations that offer the written and drive test, driver's education, driver awareness, and behind the wheel training?
Q. How do I add a motorcycle endorsement to my license?
Q. State-approved organizations that offer Driver Education Only. Testing available to students only.
Q. How do I replace my Colorado license or ID card if it is lost or stolen?
Q. How do I change my name or address on my Driver's License or ID card?
Q. Are there places, other than a Driver's License office, where I can take a drive test for a CDL (Commercial Driver's License)?
Q. Where can I take the 4-hour Driver Awareness Course so I can get a permit at 15 and 6 months?
Q. I just got my Driver's License and I am under 18. Are there restrictions on my driving?
Q. I just got my Driver's License and I am under 18. Are there restrictions for driving on the job?
Q. Can I use a cell phone while I am driving?
Q. I am a mature driver seeking a refresher driving course for an auto insurance discount. Are there any organizations offering such courses for drivers age 55 and older?
Q. May I use a sign language interpreter to take my written test in a driver's license office?