Colorado Department of Revenue
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New Residents



Colorado State Flag

 Colorado Requirements for Residency:

  • Own or operate a business in Colorado.
  • Are gainfully employed in Colorado.
  • Reside in Colorado for 90 consecutive days.


After becoming a Colorado resident, you have 30 days to qualify for a Colorado driver license and 90 days to register your vehicle .

U.S. Military:


  • Colorado Driver License - Exemption  Active duty U.S. military personnel  and their spouses are exempt from obtaining a Colorado driver license when they have a valid driver license issued by another state. Military personnel on active duty in Colorado and who claim another state as their home state of residence shall register their vehicle(s) in Colorado.


  • Specific Ownership Tax - Exemption   Active duty military personnel must be the owner or co-owner of the vehicle and complete form DR 2667 in order to obtain exemption from paying the Specific Ownership Tax. The affidavit must be completed each year at time of renewal or with the application for registration of a newly purchased vehicle. These individuals are in Colorado because they are required to be here by their branch of service.



Information: Research Colorado Revised Statute 42-6-139.


Vehicle Title

If your vehicle was titled in another state, fill out the Verification of Vehicle Identification Number form, completed by either: 



  • A Colorado law enforcement officer
  • A licensed Colorado motor vehicle dealer
  • A licensed Colorado emissions testing station 


Out of State Student Driver's License

Any nonresident who is temporarily residing in Colorado for the principal purpose of furthering such nonresident's education, is at least 16 years of age, has a valid driver's license from his or her state of residence, and is considered a nonresident for tuition purposes by the educational institution he or she is attending is exempt from obtaining a Colorado driver's license.



Out of State Student Plates

Colorado has reciprocity with all states regarding the validity of out of state plates for students. Students whose primary purpose to be in Colorado is to further his/her education will not be required to register their vehicle in Colorado.