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Medical Marijuana Licensing Information

 MED Registrations


Medical Marijuana Vendor Registration:  All businesses that work within the Medical Marijuana Industry providing services to industry members and whose employees commonly work within restricted areas of the MM business or take custody of Medical Marijuana products for transportation – example of such businesses would be trim crews that travel from facility to facility to harvest Medical Marijuana crops or couriers that transport Medical Marijuana from facility to facility. This application include the cost of one Key Occupational License for the individual that takes responsibility of the action of the registered business (this includes a background check on that individual). All employees of the vendor that will be working within the Medical Marijuana industry must also obtain an occupational license:C.R.S. §12-43.3-202 (2)(a)(VIII).  Complete the Registered Vendor Application (DR8533) and bring the completed form to your MMED background check appointment


Medical Marijuana Business Licenses


Medical Marijuana Center: Retail operation from which Medical Marijuana Registry patients purchase Medical Marijuana and Medical Marijuana infused products. Medical Marijuana cannot lawfully be grown and infused products may not be produced with this license or within this facility’s premises:C.R.S. §12-43.3-402 et. seq.

  • Type 1: 1 - 300 Registered Primary Patients
  • Type 2: 301 - 500 Registered Primary Patients
  • Type 3: 501 and above Registered Primary Patients


Medical Marijuana Optional Premises Cultivation (OPC): facility which grows, harvests and process raw Medical Marijuana product to sale in retail Centers or for use in infused products. Cultivations may only provide their raw product to the Center or MIP to which it is identically licensed (attached) and may only cultivate Medical Marijuana:C.R.S. §12-43.3-403 et. seq.


Medical Marijuana Infused Product Manufacturer (MMIP): facility which produces Medical Marijuana infused products such as edibles, tinctures and beverages. These facilities are only able to sell their products to Licensed Medical Marijuana Centers wholesale. Medical Marijuana cannot be lawfully cultivated with this license or within this facility’s premises:C.R.S. §12-43.3-404 et. seq.


If you wish to make an appointment to apply for a Medical Marijuana Business License please send an email to DOR_MED_Appointments@state.co.us (the spaces between DOR MED and Appointments represent an underscore, i.e. DOR_MED_Appointments.)  Be sure to include each of the mandatory items listed below:

  • Type of Business MEDICAL or RETAIL

  • Legal Name of the Business

  • Your Name and Phone Number

  • Types of License(s) for which you wish to apply: Center or Infused Product Manufacturer

  • Physical Address for each Business (i.e. Center and Cultivation addresses)

  • Local Jurisdiction (Local Authority of each license



Current MED Medical Marijuana Application and Licensing Fees, July 1, 2014


Current MED Medical Marijuana Key Person and Occupational License Fees, July 1, 2014


Current MED Medical Marijuana Administrative Service Fees, July 1, 2014