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Retail Marijuana Licensing Information

If you wish to schedule an appointment to apply for a Retail Marijuana Business License send an email to DOR_MED_Appointments@state.co.us (the spaces between DOR MED and Appointments represent an underscore i.e. DOR_MED_Appointments.) Be sure to include each of the mandatory items listed below so that staff will be able to determine your eligibility status and contact you in order to schedule your appointment:

  •  Type of Business: MEDICAL OR RETAIL
  • Legal Name of Business
  • Your Name and Phone Number
  • Business License Physical Address of each License
  • Type(s) of License for which you are applying: Store, Cultivation, Product Manufacturer, Testing Facility
  • Local Jurisdiction (Local Authority) of each license


For Information on the Taxes associated with Retail Marijuana visit the Marijuana Taxes Web Page.


Necessary Forms:

Retail Marijuana Business License Application DR 8548
Key Associated Person DR 8520
Bond Form DR 8519
Check List for Application Submission None


Current Fee Schedules (July 1, 2014):  

Medical Marijuana Conversion or Addition of Retail Marijuana Licensing Fees


Retail Marijuana Business Licensing Fees

(Owners that do not own a Medical Marijuana Business)


Retail Marijuana Administrative Service Fees