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MED Medical Marijuana Forms Page


Licensing Forms
Title Number
Business License Application Form (Center and Infused Product Manufacturer) DR 8530
Associated Key Application DR 8520
Appendix A (Optional Premises Cultivation Application) DR 8544
Bond Form DR 8524
2013 IRS Tax Information Release Form IRS 8821
Change of Ownership Form DR 8535
       Supporting Documents Necessary for of Change of Ownership  
       Change of Ownership or Location Check List  
Notice of Change (location, name or premises)/ Duplicate Copy Request Form DR8545
License Fee Refund Request Form  
Key Employee Occupational License Application DR 8526
 Registered Vendor Application  DR 8533
Support Employee Occupational License Application DR 8525
Caregiver Cultivation Registration Form  


Audit Forms
Title/Category Format Form Number/Name
Forms Matrix and Instructions  Excel 2003  N/A   Matrix
Employee Forms  Excel 2003 1000 Employee List (Tab 1)
1030 Employee Status Change (Tab 2)
Primary Patient Information Forms  Excel 2003 1010 Primary Patient Registration # List (Tab 1)
 1040 Primary Patient Status Change (Tab 2)
Transportation Manifest Form  PDF  1020 Transportation Manifest
Secure Facility Form  Word 2003  1050 Secure Facility Form
30% Compliance Forms  Excel 2003 1060 30% Compliance Report (Tab 1)
1010 Primary Patient Registration # List (Tab 2)
1120 Physical Inventory Sheet for MMC (Tab 3)
1070 Monthly Transfers/Sales/Purchase (Tab 4)
1080 Daily Wholesale (Tab 5)
1090 Daily Transfers from OPC (Tab 6)
1100 Daily Patient Sales (Tab 7)

Current MED Fee Schedule 

Email addresses for Manifests and Forms :
Send Manifest Submissions to DOR_mmedmanifest@state.co.us
Send Forms Submissions to DOR_mmedforms@state.co.us

- Please note that the space in the email address between "DOR" and "mmed" denotes an underscore -
i.e. DOR_mmed...