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Laws and Regulations


As the Enforcement Division tasked with the regulation of Colorado's two marijuana industries (Medical and Retail), the MED is responsible for providing the rules under which these industries are expected to operate. All rules are written in response to the direction and authority provided by state statute.  These rules are put in place in accordance with the Colorado Administrative Procedures Act and no permanent rules are enacted without formal public comment hearings.  Additionally, the MED has instituted the use of stakeholder working groups to generate the initial draft of proposed rules with which to begin the formal rulemaking process. 




Medical Marijuana
Medical Marijuana Rules, Effective October 15, 2013
Medical Marijuana Rules, Effective March 2, 2014


Retail Marijuana Rules 
Retail Marijuana Rule Effective October 15, 2013
Retail Marijuana Rules, Effective March 2, 2014


The Universal Symbol needed to meet packaging requirements has been released:

Click HERE for a color version

Click HERE for a black and white version


The Medical (M 103) and Retail (R 103) Marijuana reference two document in the "Child-Resistant" Definitions, links to those documents follow:


MED Industry Bulletins
13-01 MITS Compliance
13-02 MITS Compliance
14-01 Packaging, Labeling, Duel Facilities, Excise and Sales Tax
14-02 Packaging
14-03 Data Submission to MED


Statute (Laws):

Statute is written, passed and modified by the Colorado State Legislature.  All statutes are contained in the Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S) - a complete copy of which may be found at www.state.co.us/gov_dir/leg_dir/olls/colorado_revised_statutes.htm


Medical Marijuana is regulated under the authority provided by the Colorado Medical Marijuana Code: C.R.S. 12-43.3-101 et. seq. 


Retail Marijuana is regulated under the Retail Marijuana Code: C.R.S. 12-43.4-101 et. seq.


Information regarding the Colorado State Legislature may be found at www.leg.state.co.us/clics/clics2012A/cslFrontPages.nsf/HomeSplash 


MED Position Statements
Date Issued Subject Matter
  • MED Applicant/Licensee Personal Patient Cultivation
  • MED Applicant/Licensee Serving as Caregiver
  • What Constitutes a Clone in Regard to MMC Plant Count
  • When Does a Plant Become a Clone
  • In Regard to "120 Day Rule" (1.200) When Can An MMC Begin Growing Plants for a Primary Patient
  • May a Center Legally Sell Medical Marijuana Seeds?
  • 120 Day Rule
  • Brokering Wholesale Transactions